2020 makeup trends: discover this year's hottest beauty looks

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The start of a new year means only one thing to a beauty obsessive: new makeup trends. In this post we reveal the 2020 makeup trends destined to be centre stage this year and how you can incorporate them into your beauty routine. 

Graphic liner

Otherwise known as ‘floating eyeliner’ or ‘high-liner’, this 2020 makeup trend is going to show up everywhere. All you need is a range of brightly coloured eyeliners and incredible precision and you can replicate this modern makeup look with ease. Need a little inspiration? Follow graphic liner expert and makeup artist, Katie Jane Hughes

Coloured mascara

Another unexpected makeup look making a comeback is coloured mascara. But while you may imagine 1980s inspired blue mascara, other colours are sharing the spotlight too. Pink, yellow, orange and even green mascara are all set to be huge trends in 2020. 

Glass skin 

This Korean-beauty trend has taken over Instagram and shows no signs of disappearing. To get the glass skin look, start by cleansing and exfoliating your face. Then apply a dewy foundation (a light layer will do) and a liquid highlighting lotion. Finish with extra highlighter and natural looking makeup for the full glass skin makeup effect. 

A touch of neon

From eye shadow to lipstick, neon makeup is anticipated to be one of 2020’s biggest makeup trends. Neon yellow eye shadow will be highly coveted while bold pink lips are sure to make a statement. Just make sure you go for matte shades so you can experience extra staying power. 

Halo eyes

Subtle makeup fans will be pleased to know amongst all the crazy colours and abstract shapes, there’s still a place for soft glam in 2020. 

‘Halo eyes’ is a technique where a light, pearly eye shadow is applied to the crease of eye socket to enhance the shape of the eye. A more brighter, shimmery eye shadow is then added to the centre of the eye to complete the effect. 

This makeup look  is perfect for those who prefer neutral, champagne tones and shimmer eye shadow and works best finished with some natural-looking false lashes in order to elevate the cat-eyed shape. 

Which 2020 makeup trends are on your watch list?

Whether you’re into bright and bold makeup or Instagrammable soft glam is your thing, tag us in your looks on social media so we can see what new makeup trends you’re loving.

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