Bespoke beauty: the brands that put you first

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At Lash Unlimited we’re forever curious about what the future of beauty looks like. Okay, so we may not be able to predict what’s going to be ‘the look’ in the year 3000. But one thing’s for sure - 2019 is the year beauty gets personal.

In this trend report, we reveal how some of the biggest brands in the world are making things all about you - and what that means for your beauty regime.

Bespoke beauty explained
Personalised products are nothing new. From hand-calligraphed wedding invitations and photo-emblazoned phone cases to monogrammed bags and bathrobes, it’s never been easier to put your stamp on your favourite possessions. But why is it so important for the beauty industry to catch up?

When it comes to choosing products, studies show we crave individuality and authenticity - with a heavy side order of inclusivity and diversity. For proof, just look at the popularity of boundary-breaking brands such as Fenty Beauty and ASOS Face + Body.

If beauty brands want to impress us they need to show us that they care - by showing us they truly understand what we need. To do this, more brands than ever are creating products tailored around our skin tone, personality and even our DNA.

The bespoke revolution has begun and we’re here for it.

Bespoke makeup
Still searching for the perfect nude lip colour? Or a foundation that really matches your undertones? Bespoke beauty products could be the way to go.

Brands such as Estee Lauder are inviting fans to create their own lipstick shade while Eyeko allows you to tailor mascara formulas to match your lashes. This means it’s never been easier for everyone to ind shades and formulas to suit them.

Bespoke skincare
Oily t-zones, sensitivities and those spots that just won’t budge during that time of the month all make skincare a tricky world to navigate.

That’s why brands such as FaceGym and Dermalogica offer bespoke face mapping services and allow you to mix your own serums and creams for the best results. It’s also why when you head to your local Lush, you get that all-important, super-personal service every time. Nice.

Bespoke scent
Finding your signature perfume is one of the most glamourous experiences of growing up. But when you catch the scent on someone else, that magic feeling can start to fade. The answer? A completely unique blend that complements only you.

Iconic perfumer Penhaligon's famously have a bespoke fragrance profiling service. Into cruelty-free, vegan products? Eden Perfumes also allows you to create your own scent - in a reusable bottle you can refill when you run out. Oh so sustainable.

Bespoke lashes
As beauty obsessives, there’s no way we’re not getting in on the bespoke beauty act. In fact, we’re on a mission to help you achieve your best false eyelashes look ever.

Whether you’re after lusciously thick lashes or something a little more subtle, with Lash Unlimited you can tailor your look to perfectly match your needs. Simply head to our product page to find out more.

Bonkers about beauty
Because Lash Unlimited was created by a makeup artist for makeup artists everywhere, there’s nothing we love more than a good old natter about beauty. To share your thoughts on the bespoke beauty trend with us, drop us a tweet or DM us on Instagram.

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