How to reuse your false lashes

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We know from experience that the life of a beauty obsessive is an expensive one. Whether you’re a beauty blogger, professional makeup artist or just passionate about lookin’ glam, there’s nothing worse than when supplies of your fave run low.

And while it’s not a good idea to keep products for too long (hello nasty germs) there is a super-safe, squeaky clean way to give more love to your lashes. Here’s how…

Getting the most out of your false lashes
If you’re planning to reuse your false lashes, it’s important to take care of them from the very first wear. That means only applying a thin layer of glue and applying them with tweezers (not fingers) to keep them free from nasties.

You’re also more likely to use lashes again if they’re suited to your face and eye shape. We recommend cutting lashes so that they’re bespoke to your features.

To get the perfect shape, measure the strip lash against your lash line and trim any excess hair from the inner part of the eyelash (nearest to the tear duct). Do the same for the other eye and remember to trim the inner part of the opposite eyelash. And there you have it - lashes that enhance your naturally beautiful looks!

And finally, we advise applying your lashes last so that they don’t get clogged with eyeliner or eyeshadow. It’s all about keepin’ things fresh and clean.

Taking care of your lashes
When it’s time to remove your lashes, remember to be gentle. Pull too hard and your gorgeous, thick lashes will lose their shape (and you might irritate your real lashes too).

If any excess glue remains on the eyelid or the false lashes, use a damp cotton bud to remove it. We also like using oil-free makeup remover to make sure everything comes off in one easy swipe.

To clean your lashes quickly, it’s tempting to soak them in water or a makeup cleaning solution. But that’s a seriously terrible idea. Leaving lashes in liquid means the shape, style and curl will get ruined. Oops.

Keeping your lashes safe is the best way to keep them fresher for longer. We advise keeping the original box they come in and storing them on the lash tray each time you take them off. This helps to retain shape and keep away pesky makeup smudges and dust. Easy peasy.

Share your best makeup tricks with us
Lash Unlimited was created by a makeup artist so we are all about the tips and tricks. If you’ve got the secret to perfect eyeliner or are a genius with a lip pencil, we want to hear from you. Share your ideas and advice with us using our hashtag #LashUnlimited and we’ll share your tips with our community of beauty lovers.

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