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What sets Lash Unlimited apart from other brands? Perhaps it’s the fact that each one of our products is personally approved by an experienced makeup artist. A makeup artist that just so happens to be our CEO and total boss babe, Lindsey Kane. For our latest post, we caught up with Lindsey to chat all things makeup, beauty and business.

Hey Lindsey, what first sparked your love of makeup?
“My mum was a North West Champion Ballroom and Latin Dancer back in the day and I would spend hours looking through her photo albums. I loved looking at the different makeup looks and how they matched the flamboyant outfits. This is where is first discovered what false lashes were. She wore top and bottom lashes for all her performances!”

What inspired you to set up Lash Unlimited?
“I was a makeup artist working regularly in TV doing long studio hours… and I found out I was pregnant with my daughter. I decided I wanted to be based at home but still dip my toes in the beauty industry.”

“At the time, makeup artists would buy their lashes from the high street and pay a minimum of £5 each time. The tiny tube of glue would rarely be used as it wasn’t good enough quality for professionals so it would be a waste of money. I also felt there wasn’t a huge variety of styles for makeup artists to get creative with.”

“It was a combination of these things that inspired me to create a business where I could offer makeup artists lots of variety, simple and stylish packaging and a glue that really did the job. I also wanted to offer an unbeatable price that would allow customers to stock up regularly.”

What makes Lash Unlimited so unique?
“It’s always been important to me that we have a style for any age and every occasion and that our lashes don’t look so artificial. This is because we use the latest technology to create faux hair fibres, these mimic real hairs to create the perfect long lasting, reusable strip lashes.”

“I’m also proud that our false lashes are latex free with minimal packaging and that no animal is harmed in the making of them. In fact, we’re super-close to getting a special certificate to confirm that we are a cruelty free brand. I can’t wait to make the official announcement!”

Why is it important for you to celebrate natural beauty?
“On clients and on myself, I often create looks that enhance what’s already there to help boost confidence. I think it’s so important to not airbrush and filter everything as it isn’t real life. ‘Imperfections’ are what make us individual - we should celebrate them.”

What’s been your biggest highlight since setting up Lash Unlimited?
“Seeing celebrities wear our lashes never gets old. The likes of Michelle Keegan, Caroline Flack, Little Mix, Destiny’s Child, Nicole Scherzinger, Zoella, Spice Girls… the list goes on. It’s a ‘pinch me’ moment every time!”

What part does social media play in the Lash Unlimited community?
“Huge! Makeup and beauty is such a visual industry and it’s a great way to show how a product can be used in unexpected ways. We love seeing what our customers create and revealing the latest trends and new product launches.

“My favourite thing about Instagram is seeing how a product can become bespoke to each person. You can chop and change it to create something completely different every time. And I love it when we get tagged in amazing photos and videos”

Do you have any favourite make up artists? Why do they inspire you?
“Scott Barnes and Rae Morris were the first makeup artists that inspired me - I spent hours looking through their books copying their looks, tips and tricks! They are so innovative with makeup trends and their products.”

What are the make up products you couldn’t live without?
“Obviously false lashes! I wear strip lashes on all my glam nights out. Even day to day I’ll wear a bit of mascara and a few individual cluster lashes on the outer corners.

“I would encourage everyone to add lashes to their everyday makeup routine, it’s easier than you think! If you’re new to lashes or just want to amp up your look, we’ve recently launched individual Duo and Trios clusters which make it even easier to apply individual lashes.”

“Lip balm is my second product that I could not live without. ByTerry Lip balm is absolutely gorgeous. I also adore my Cleansing Balm from Emmaline Tsui (she is an amazing facial specialist), it removes every trace of makeup - even my waterproof mascara.”

What’s your top tip for aspiring or new makeup artists?
“It’s important to create a portfolio of work so everyone can get a feel for your style. Instagram is great for this, but you need real life experience too. Especially when it comes to learning techniques. You particularly need to know what products work for different skin tones and skin types. The more experience you gain, the better you become as an artist.

“Make contact with makeup artists and ask to shadow or assist them. Even offer to wash their brushes - anything to get a foot in the door. And when you are assisting, be proactive, punctual and professional at all times.

“Networking and self-promotion is vital too. Tell everyone what you do, what type of makeup you specialise in. If you don’t tell people, how will they know?”

What’s next for Lash Unlimited?
“I think this is the most exciting year for us yet! We’re making some incredible changes to the brand and product range that I can’t wait to reveal. We also have some huge news about limited edition ranges and collaborations that I’m dying to share with you all…”

Shh, Lindsey! Don’t reveal all Lash Unlimited’s secrets just yet. But if you do want to be the first to get the goss, make sure you’re signed up to our newsletter and give us a follow on social media. Amazing things are coming soon!

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