Makeup Artist Spotlight: Daniella Ingle

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At Lash Unlimited, we’re all about celebrating the work of amazing makeup artists. In this post, we shine a spotlight on the super-lovely Daniella Ingle of Daniella Makeup and Hair. She’s a bridal makeup specialist who ensures her customers always look (and feel) like the best version of themselves. 

Hi Daniella, when did you first fall in love with makeup? 

“From such a young age I’ve watched my mum apply her winged eyeliner. It’s the one thing she never leaves the house without - she calls it her ‘corners’. Then throughout my dancing and pantomime years I experimented with colours and characters, trying to work with my natural fair colouring.”

Tell us a little bit about how you got started in your makeup career: 

“For as long as I can remember I've been creating looks on my sisters and friends - from sleepovers and fancy dress to nights out and holidays. Then a friend said: “I can’t believe you don’t do this as a job, I would pay you, let me pay you!” That really planted a seed with me.

I started researching and saw how many makeup artists there were around but also how in demand it was. At the time, I was actually working as a beauty therapist in a spa, so once we got our Mii makeup stand, there was no looking back. I soon found I was able to adapt to all clients, skin types, ages and looks. I knew I had something and I ran with it.”

What kind of makeup do you specialise in?

“I don’t limit myself to one style of makeup but I would definitely say my speciality is bridal makeup. I love the whole wedding industry and find myself drawn to brides and the excitement of it all. 

I work closely with my brides throughout their journey to achieve their perfect look. My goal is for my brides to look back at their wedding photos in 10 years and think ‘wow, I looked amazing’.”

Describe your daily routine when you have a client, event or project happening: 

“The first thing I do before every job is make sure every inch of my kit is spotless - cleanliness is key! If you can’t find a product easily it can waste time and leave you feeling flustered. So next, I prepare all my staple items and have my whole work area set up ensuring everything I need is within arms reach. Call me the organisation queen!”

 What products are always in your kit? 

“I never go to any job without a variety of lashes and at least two tubes of lash glue. For my brides, I always give the maid of honour a tiny tube of glue to have with them throughout the whole day. Just in case! 

Micellar Water and a good moisturiser are essential too. Quite often, clients will come after work or just don’t like to leave the house bare faced so have makeup on already. Preparing their skin before application is so important.”

 Why do you love Lash Unlimited products? 

“Not only are the products cruelty free but they are such beautiful lashes too. They have a lash for each of my clients - from Mother of the Bride to Saturday night glam face - I use them all! The delivery is super fast, their communications and responses are fantastic and the MUA discount programme makes it hard to use anyone else if I’m honest. An all round incredible brand.”

What’s the most rewarding aspect of being a makeup artist? 

“A lovely review always makes my heart swell - it’s the reassurance I am doing a good job. I also like to see the transformation of my clients. Not just through the makeup look but how their confidence grows instantly. 

Some clients arrive quite nervous and unsure. And sometimes I have clients who wished they hadn’t agreed to go out. Once they have their makeup on and their lashes, they cannot wait to throw their dress on and conquer the world!”

Tell us your advice for aspiring makeup artists: 

“Firstly, don’t worry about trends or competition. There are enough clients out there for us all. I also think it’s good to find your niche, work on what you’re good at and stick with what’s important to you. 

When you’re starting out, take time to network with suppliers in your field. I found some amazing contacts who I will cherish for a very long time - word of mouth recommendations are invaluable. 

One thing I always tell aspiring MUA’s is to practice on anyone and everyone you can get your hands on. Your grandma, auntie, friend or neighbour. You may be able to do amazing makeup on your own face but not everyone will look like you, or want that style of makeup. Being able to adapt your skills will take you far and open up a whole world of clients beyond Instagram.”

What’s next for Daniella Makeup and Hair? 

“I hope to continue growing my makeup business and my brand. If these last three years are anything to go by, who knows where I’ll be! My motto is ‘never limit yourself’. I have two little boys, juggle three jobs as well as keeping a home. It’s important to try and find a way. If you can dream it, you can do it!”

We adore Daniella’s positive attitude and inspirational advice for those that want a career in makeup. You can follow her journey on Instagram and Facebook or book her through her website. And if you’d like to try out our MUA discount programme, just like Daniella, simply fill out the form online.
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