Who are the Love Island makeup artists?

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This summer, a group of boys and girls from across the UK will head into a Majorcan villa to find love, happiness and let’s face it, a brand collaboration or two upon their return. And once the show goes live, the pop culture stratosphere will explode. Yep, we’re talking about Love Island.

Aside from the banter, drama and memes (we adore a Love Island meme) throughout the show there’s only one thing on everyone’s mind. Just how do the contestants stay looking so gorgeous throughout the series?!

That’s why Lash Unlimited is so excited to exclusively reveal the identities of the luckiest (and most talented) people in television right now - the Love Island makeup artists. These lot are definitely our type on paper…

Sarah Exley

As Head of Makeup for The X Factor, Sarah knows a thing or two about keeping her clients camera ready…

Bella Costanzo

This awesomely-creative makeup artist works with performers - and we love that she’s all about cruelty-free beauty!


Fai Archer

With names such as Topman, Britain’s Got Talent and BAFTA on her CV, Fai will have been right at home with this year’s ultra-glam Love Island contestants.

Anna Cash

From red carpet to stage and screen, Anna is the expert at creating glamourous looks that last. Just ask her clients Simon Cowell, Alice Levine and Laura Jackson.

Pauline Brisco

All you need to know about Pauline is that she’s the legend who keeps Serena Williams looking beautiful. Yep, that’s right. THE Serena Williams. She’s a red carpet and TV makeup expert too.


And who does Caroline Flack’s makeup?

Anyone else spend every summer lusting after The Flack’s outfits and makeup? If you want the lowdown on Caroline’s glam you need to follow Christian Vermaak - he worked with Caroline on the promo shoot (spoiler alert: she looked heavenly). You also need to get to know Gemma Wheatcroft, the lady responsible for creating Caroline’s signature look. Yasss.


Thick, false lashes to help you get that villa-ready glow

This time of the year is all about showing off your natural beauty, because you’re perfect just the way you are. But if you feel like you need a helping hand in the glamour department our cruelty-free Summer Glow Lash Edit is just the confidence booster you need - perfect for a summer of love.

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