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Below, we tell you how to apply your very own Lashes! Scroll further down to read tips on how to remove your lashes.

Applying Lashes:

Step One– Measure:

Measure the strip lash against your lash line and trim any excess hair from the inner part of the eyelash (nearest to the tear duct). Do the same for the other eye and remember to trim the inner part of the opposite eyelash.

Step Two– Mascara:

Apply mascara to your own natural lashes and allow to dry

Step Three– Apply the eyelash glue:

Apply a thin layer of eyelash glue and allow to dry clear before applying to the eye. The adhesive will then become tacky making it easier for your eyelash application.

Step Four– Apply lashes:


With tweezers or your fingers, place the centre of the eyelash onto the centre of your lash line. Gently use tweezers (or fingers) to press the edges down and get as close to the lash line so the strip line disappears. Use finger to press the edges down and to secure the eyelash.


You may find it easier to apply the lashes at the very end of your makeup routine.


Removing and caring for your lashes:

Do not pull too hard when removing your lashes. (You may want to use a damp cotton bud to dab over the band to loosen the glue.)

Use tweezers to remove any excess glue remaining on the lash band and then use a cotton bud (dabbed in oil-free makeup remover or water) to gently remove any additional glue from your own eyelashes.

Do NOT soak the lashes in water or any other liquid. Soaking them may ruin the style, shape, and curl of the lash.

Store lashes in a box to retain their shape and keep them clean so you can use them again and again!



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